ICUMSA 45 Sugar

ICUMSA 45 Sugar – Brazil today is the largest producer of sugarcane in the world, in addition to being the first in the production of ethanol and sugar, being responsible for 48% of world exports of this commodity. The term ICUMSA is an acronym called the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis, or the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis in free translation.

Known as white sugar, ICUMSA 45 is the most common sugar of all and the easiest to dissolve. In the product refinement process, chemical additives are added to make it look whitish in order to make it more tasty.

Typically, an ICUMSA rating of 45 indicates a highly refined white sugar of high purity, whereas brown sugar would have a rating of around 1000.

A simplistic way of looking at ICUMSA ratings is to say that the more white a sugar is, the more refined it is. ICUMSA 45 sugar is a sparkling white, highly refined sugar, suitable for human consumption and use in a wide range of food applications.

Icumsa 45 Sugar is commonly produced from Sugar cane juice which is a source of almost all the types of sugar consumed globally. According to various international research institutes and testing laboratories, Icumsa 45 Sugar is the highest quality sugar available in the market.

Specifications of White REFINED SUGAR – ICUMSA 45

Origin Brazil
ICUMSA 45 RBU ICUMSA Attenuation index units Method # 10-1978
Ash content 0.04% Maximum by Weight
Moisture 0.04% Maximum by Weight
Magnetic Particles mg/kg 4
Solubility 100% DRY & Free Flowing
Granulation Fine Standard
Polarization 99.80° Minimum
Max AS 1 P.P.M.
Max OS 2 P.P.M.
Max CU 3 P.P.M.
Colour Sparkling White
Sediments NONE
Radiation Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine SO2: Certified
Substance Solid, Crystal
Smell Free of any Smell
Crop Recent Crop